Topcon® Consoles:

What advantages do they bring to your farm?

Its layout may seem intimidating, however, the amount of features and benefits that this equipment brings to your daily life in the field is enormous! From monitoring operations such as furrowing, to controlling product application, sowing or requesting technical support. You will be integrated with absolutely everything that is happening on your farm!

What are the differences between Topcon ® consoles ?

Largest line processing on the market!
Let's imagine a scenario where a larger area of your property will be sprayed. Using equipment from any other brand on the market, you would need to divide the total application area into several different files. This is because consoles are not designed to process large line projects, but rather reduced work areas.

However, this is not a problem for Topcon® equipment. Our consoles have 4GB dedicated exclusively to processing line projects. This is the largest capacity on the market! This results in continuous operation, free from failures or interruptions caused by the need to manually change the work file.


Horizon Operating System: Simplified Interface
Horizon software is about efficiency, modularity and connectivity. Redesigned with an intuitive look and feel to complement the more agile experience, the solution considerably simplifies configuration for important operations. Horizon's interface is based on user-customizable icons, in addition to offering a choice of views for each function. The same complete software runs on all Topcon consoles.

Set automatic steering patterns, control application rates, monitor each operation and map each pass from a single dynamic environment, which allows direct management with simple multi-touch gestures.

Horizon has excellent work map file recognition and variable rate application, and also allows you to easily draw your work maps manually.


TAP Platform
Designed for farmers, traders, agronomists and input suppliers who need to gather and consolidate essential operational data, the Topcon Agriculture Platform (TAP) brings connectivity to each phase of the agricultural cycle.

In addition to offering remote digital support for calibration, maintenance and updating of Topcon® consoles, you also have an extensive range of solutions, which include:
– Organization of operations in customizable widgets.
– Ability to track and monitor vital machine metrics to reduce downtime and boost operational efficiency.
– Merge and visualize data layers to gain agronomic insights. Manage prescriptions with partners directly through TAP.


How to choose the best console for my needs?
Several parameters must be analyzed before purchasing a console, from the size of the work area, which operation will be performed, type and quantity of products to be distributed in the field.

Currently in our portfolio of solutions we have three different console options: X25, XD and XD+. Both have the same project processing power and operating system.

The differences are in size, number of work sections, quantity of products controlled simultaneously and prices. To understand more about the technical differences between our consoles, you can click here or contact us on our communication channels, so you can accurately identify which equipment will best meet your demands.

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