AGS-2 - Steer according to plan

Futureproof your positioning

Adaptable auto-guidance receiver/controller in a tough, compact form


AGS-2 Receiver/Steering Controller

The AGS-2 receiver and steering controller combines field-proven steering with leading network reception and tracking. Fully capable in any application, the AGS-2 comes standard with DGNSS correction services and is easily upgradeable to leading accuracy utilising NTRIP and the optional RTK radio in the Topcon CL-55 cloud connectivity device.

Designed with Skybridge RTK assist technology, the AGS-2 provides better satellite tracking and RTK float transitions for consistent accuracy during impacted conditions. Combine it with our premium user interface through Horizon OS and X-Family consoles, which feature easy-to-use “pay for need” capabilities and access to the full range of sensing and control technology. The AGS-2 is the ideal receiver for any application requiring auto-steering, with the added benefit of positioning-data for associated tasks.





Features Include:

  • Leading channel/constellation reception and tracking

  • Scalable accuracy, including access to a full range of correction service

  • RTK assist technology

  • Leading-edge hardware

  • Powerful Horizon OS when coupled with our X-Family consoles

  • Interface flexibility

  • Suite of compatible Topcon solutions

  • Integrated steering controller

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