Whatever the challenge, we have a solution.

Accuracy and repeatability go hand in hand with Topcon GNSS precision.

As crop needs vary, TopCon provides accuracy options. Topcon precision solutions provide accuracies that range from entry-level, sub-meter to high-accuracy, sub-inch repeatable precision.

4-12" or 10-30cm
For tillage, discing, mapping, spraying, spreading, harvesting and field preparation, 4-12" OR 10-30CM accuracy is normally sufficient. Several GNSS correction methods can provide 4-12" or 10-30cm accuracy including DGPS, WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, VBS, and L1 Only.

3-4" or 8-10cm
The next degree of accuracy for tillage, discing, mapping, spraying, spreading, harvesting, and field preparation is 3-4” or 8-10cm, and Topcon recommends TopNET Global D.
TopNET Global-D is designed to allow Topcon AGI-4 owners to quickly and easily subscribe to a consistent level of high-precision positioning to an accuracy of 5cm pass-to-pass, with no need for a base station or any hardware change in the current AGI-4 GNSS receiver.

1-12" or 2-30cm
CORS and NTRIP, with higher degrees of accuracy, are an appropriate choice for listing, bedding, planting, seeding, cultivating and ridging.

1-2" or 2-5cm
For strip tillage, landforming or land leveling, topographic mapping, listing, planting, bedding, ridging and cultivating, RTK Accuracy with Repeatability from Topcon delivers the best GNSS accuracy available.




TopNET global
Global GNSS correction services via sattellite
TopNET Global provides 4-10cm accuracy for Topcon-equipped platforms anywhere in the world. Purchase here, and in a few simple steps you can gain greater productivity today

Subscriptions are delivered via global L-Band satellites, delivering GPS+GLONASS PPP corrections, with *convergence times typically in the range of 20-30 minutes.

*Convergence times and accuracy are depending on the observing conditions, including the proximity of large obstructions such as trees and buildings, and the overall health and availability of the GNSS constellations in view.

Subscription durations:

  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months

Precision at your fingertips

Subscription-based GNSS network service
Our subscription-based real-time GNSS network correction service gives you incredible coverage throughout the world, providing high-quality data for all types of applications including surveying, construction, agriculture and GIS.

  • Managed and operated by Topcon geodesy teams
  • Multiple stations for redundancy
  • No base stations to set up
  • Local Cellular modem or Global Satellite connection
  • 24/7 consistent reliable access
  • Quarterly or annual subscriptions
  • Available in your choice of precision



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