Crop Sensing

Just in time crop health management

Topcon CropSpec Crop Canopy Sensors. Real-time nutrient measurement for variable rate control that gives you a better stand, higher yield.

Crop Sensing for N on the GO

Perform precision nutrient sensing with every passE
The use of crop sensing technology in cereal and grain crops to measure nutrition needs is one of the fastest growing segments in precision farming. Topcon CropSpec Crop Canopy Sensors work with either the X35 or X25 Consoles and AGI-4 Receiver/Steering Controller to monitor in-field variability, treat on-the-go, or save data for future analysis and creation of prescription maps.

No more guessing or estimating
Pairing your spraying or spreading solution with industry-leading CropSpec sensors gives you the assurance that you are applying inputs based on your crop's need in real-time. Perform on-the-go averaging with user-determined target rates, create prescription maps, or even prescribe and apply in a single pass. With GNSS autosteering, CropSpec sensing, and variable rate control, you get 24/7, precision operation.

The industry's largest sensor footprint
CropSpec units mount on the cabin roof out of harm’s way, with less potential for damage while the high roof top mounting provides the largest sensor footprint in the industry. By scanning a larger percentage of area to be applied, more accuracy in application is attained. You can treat on-the-go, or save data for future analysis and creation of prescription maps.

Data Mapping for Prescription Farming

CropSpec nutrient sensors scan the crop for crop health and nutrition needs and record data on either the X25 or X35 in-cab console. From the cab, the georeferenced nutrient map can be sent back to the office via MAGNET Mobile AG Network. In the office, you, or your agronomist can retrieve the data in a secure internet location, then process it in SGIS software to generate a variable rate prescription map. The Topcon X35 can do variable rate application of up to 8 products; the X25 up to 4 products.

Apply nutrients based on real-time crop needs
The beauty of CropSpec nutrient sensing is that it can provide real-time crop health management that allows applcaxtion of variable rate fertilizer on-the-go. Or, it can also be used to supply data for prescription applications at another time.

CropSpec sensors, developed in partnership with Yara International, a leading worldwide supplier of nutrients, offera non-destructive, non-contact measurement method that provides accurate, stable readings with repeatable values.


Crop Sensing Products


Topcon X25 Console


The use of crop sensing technology in cereal and grain crops is one of the fastest growing segments in precision farming. Topcon CropSpec crop canopy sensors work with either the X35 or X25 consoles to monitor in-field variability. CropSpec units mount on the cabin roof out of harm’s way, providing the largest sensor footprint in the industry, attaining more accuracy in application. CropSpec sensors measure plant reflectance to determine chlorophyll content, which correlates to nitrogen concentration in the leaf. This non-destructive, non-contact measurement method provides accurate, stable readings with repeatable values.

  • Reduce fertilizer costs by applying based on crop need
  • Create prescription maps, or prescribe and apply in a single pass
  • Cab-mounted sensors protected and out of harm’s way
  • Largest sensor footprint in the industry for better results
  • On-the-go averaging with user-determined target rates
  • Views crops at a uniform diagonal to minimize error






Topcon X25 Console


Full-featured, 3D color touchscreen offering precision machine control and high-accuracy autosteering for the more price conscious farmer and smaller cab environments.

  • Full range of manual and autosteering patterns
  • Multi-touch display with 2 mini-views and 1 main view
  • Full mapping and data management capability
  • Full ISO UT and ISO TC embedded
  • Basic and advanced feature packages for any size operation
  • Exportable boundary, coverage, logging and as-applied maps
  • Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, easy to upgrade as needs grow

X14_Topcon-W Console


The AGI-4's all-in-one, modular design incorporates the antenna, receiver and steering controller in a single component, offering unmatched upgradeability. AGI-4’s steering system features state-of-the-art inertial sensors and full terrain compensation for superior line acquisition and holding capabilities.

The AGI-4 comes standard with WAAS and EGNOS, but is easily upgradeable to 2cm accuracy with RTK radio options. Like all Topcon receivers, the AGI-4 offers GNSS multi-constellation satellite reception standard for unmatched accuracy in dynamic applications and terrain conditions.

Topcon X35 Console


10-30 section control for spreading or spraying
The Topcon ASC-10 auto section controller provides ten-section sprayer or spreader control and handles point rows or triangular-shaped fields with ease. ASC-10 automatically switches sections on and off as you cross previously applied areas, move outside field boundaries, or cross exclusion zones.

ASC-10 eliminates gaps and overlaps and reduces inputs while protecting your crops. Liquid Rate Control keeps application rates constant even with varied vehicle speeds. Additional ASC-10’s can be stacked or connected to provide up to 30-section control.

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