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Variable rate capability accurately controls liquid or granular nitrogen and fertilizer application and can be performed from imported prescription maps or generated real-time as-applied maps. Topcon consoles are compatible with common spreader hydraulic systems and support belt or actuator driven spreaders as well. Control or monitor up to two spinners or control multiple belts or split belt configurations with ASC, or auto section control using the ASC-10 controller.


Topcon X35 and X25 consoles with Horizon software offer high accuracy variable rate control of liquid or granular fertilizers.

CropSpec crop canopy sensors are the ideal dry fertilizer control system. Working on the go, CropSpec helps place fertilizer at the right rate, at the right time, in the right place.


CropSpec is a two-sensor configuration that is light and easy to install. The sensors mount on the cabin roof, out of harm’s way with less potential for damage to crops or equipment. With technology based on Topcon’s core competency of optics, CropSpec uses pulsing laser diodes for sensing. The sensor measures plant reflectance to determine chlorophyll content, which is closely related to the nitrogen concentration in the leaf. This non-destructive, non-contact method provides accurate, stable readings and repeatable values.

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