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Simple-to-use data management for farm owners and operators

SGISfarm is built around the industry-leading Esri ArcGIS Engine 10.1 – the same engine used by local FSA and government offices. SGISfarm features an easy-to-use process to streamline the creation of flat and variable rate maps without sacrificing quality or accuracy. This process is focused on proven recommendation methods that are pre-packaged in readily available templates to eliminate the complex process of equation creation. SGISfarm works well alone, or as companion software to SGISpro.

SGISfarm imports and manages all types of data that are critical to a successful farming operation. Data types include: soil test, yield and as-applied data as well as crop sensor, soils and topography information. SGISfarm supports an extensive list of third party application, yield and seeder controllers; and makes it easy to either create application maps for, or import data from those systems.


Data management and analysis for the professional agronomist

With over 20 years of proven, in-field experience coupled with the industy-leading Esri ArcGIS Engine 10.1, SGISpro is tailor-made for the co-op, agronomist or technology-minded farmer. SGISpro builds on the functionality of SGISfarm by adding in many powerful analysis tools that can be used to highlight the relationships between yields, soil testing information and application data. SGISpro users can efficiently and effectively offer multi-product and VRT plans customized to suit a grower’s exact requirements and demands.

SGISpro features an industry-exclusive process for tailoring variable rate applications to include local requirements as well as customers’ specific requests. This feature sets SGIS apart as the most powerful agronomic tool available to allow users to utilize their knowledge of local conditions and preferred practices to guide the development and implementation of accurate variable rate applications.


Steamlining collaboration between multiple SGIS users

SGISenterprise allows multiple users to access the same database to make collaboration and sharing of data much faster and more intuitive across multiple workstations or locations.

What sets Topcon apart is that we provide users the opportunity to maintain full control and access to their data – it is not uploaded to a server in some remote location but stored on a local server at the customer’s location.

SGISenterprise opens up a new range of possibilities for interconnectedness between the farmer and the agronomist. SGISpro and SGISfarm users can collaborate and access the same database. This means that a Pro user can manage multiple Farm users and access all of their data. At the same time, producers can be limited to only viewing the data that is pertinent to their operation.


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