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CropSpec – On-the-Go Crop Canopy Sensor

CropSpec is a real-time integrated crop monitoring and application system for agricultural equipment, developed in cooperation with Yara International.

Designed for use with Topcon’s X20 or X35 consoles, CropSpec operates with the VRC program (MapLINK) or any of the X20 or X35 application controllers and allows the user to monitor in-field variability, treat on-the-go, or keep data for future analysis or prescription application.
CropSpec is a two-sensor configuration that is light and easy to install. The sensors mount on the cabin roof, out of harm’s way with less potential for damage to crops or equipment. With technology based on Topcon’s core competency of optics, CropSpec uses pulsing laser diodes for sensing. The sensor measures plant reflectance to determine chlorophyll content, which is closely related to the nitrogen concentration in the leaf. This non-destructive, non-contact method provides accurate, stable readings and repeatable values.



SEE Topcon CropSpec Crop Canopy Sensors in action

Key Features

Reduce fertilizer costs by applying based only on crop need
Create prescription maps, or prescribe and apply in a single pass
Round-the-clock 24/7 operation
Cab mounted sensors protected and out of harms way
Largest sensor footprint in the industry
Senses a larger percentage of the area to be applied
Compatible with Topcon X20 or X35 Controllers


CropSpec features three different modes of operation:

Read and Record
Users can read and record data for analysis and creating prescriptions. Scanning the crop creates a map to indicate nitrogen levels, including nitrogen rich and deficient areas. This information can be used to construct a variable rate prescription application to be used immediately or at a later date. Perform relative crop monitoring over time or create application programs based on health stages.
User Determined Rate Control
Hi/Low Basic mode – with a simple two-point calibration, the user can set high and low points then perform actual on-the-go application using field averaging. The target rate can be determined by the user.
True Real-Time Variable Rate Application
CropSpec allows the farmer to perform variable rate application at the same time the actual nitrogen readings are taken. CropSpec measures the nitrogen levels and through the VRC program, controls the output of fertilizer in one pass over the crop. Operators can optionally subscribe to Yara software which uses crop specific algorithms to determine optimum site-specific fertilizer rates.
Data and Mapping
In all three modes, the X20 and X30 mapping and logging functions provide a wealth of data for recordkeeping, as-applied maps, future analysis or designs.
Product Specifications

Environment IP 67 compliant
Laser safety Class 1 or Class 1M
Physical Dimensions 200 mm x 80 mm x 80 mm
Mounting height 2 – 4 meters
Viewing angle 45° – 55°
Operating Temperature 0 – 60°C
Operational wavebands 730-740 nm and 800-810 nm
Supply voltage 10-32 VDC
Supply current 5 A

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